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Matt Farnsworth & Cool Change, Moss Landing to Redwood City

From the skipper, Matt Farnsworth:

We had an exceptionally good passage with mostly co-operative wind and waves aside from some post midnight dead air and pre-dawn heavy (when we lost command of both sheets and the jib halyard, reefed for an expected increase in new wind — that came up contrary and left us in light and shifty conditions for about two hours). We had a few hours at 3kts, dropping to 1.5 (esp. for the 1.5 hrs we sailed headless); but mostly 5.5 to 6.5kts at 15 to 25′ heel, against 1.5 to 2.5 kts of current. The waning full moon was a welcome light and based on the discrepancy in arrival time probably had minimal contribution to additional adverse current, perhaps a set of .75 to 1.5 over anticipate, but hull speed was mostly higher than expected and the southern rotation (of previous days) never materialized (which could have shortened the sailing distance). In general, legs of 16 and 7 hrs were +1-2hrs over upper bound of anticipated.

I found the afternoon wind shifts in the approach to Santa Cruz a joyous challenge, and thanks to Jerry Huff and Indrik I was able to sleep through the shifty light air between Davenport and Pigeon Pt. We had good view of the lighthouse but were too far off shore to sight Ano Nuevo.

We picked up Jerry at Santa Cruz and had a fine time at the yacht club there. After an hour or so of setting up for night sailing we shoved off at 11:30pm. We picked up Atta at Half Moon Bay, where there had been a music festival and a cocktail hour at the HMBYC. A gallon of water in the gas tank delayed our departure, but favorable winds allowed us sail out, tack, and fetch the northern pier of GG bridge on one tack. The views were excellent with some cloud cover accumulating on Montara Mountain (just south of Devil’s Slide).

Big thanks to Jerry Huff for sailing the boat and for my beautiful “Frigate Bird at Sunset” and to Atta Pilram for his help in navigation, to everyone who came from the Angel Island picnic to to PYC to provide the welcoming party and birthday celebration.

What a great weekend!


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