Treasure Island Yacht Club

One Avenue of The Palms, #133, Treasure Island, San Francisco 94130 (415) 434-4475

Our Location

Approach on the water

Clipper Cove 1' contours
Clipper Cove is not regularly dredged and can become impassable at low tide. Please use the following chart to plan your approach using the deeper water channel.

Anchorage by recreational vessels is managed by Treasure Island Development Authority on a permit basis in Clipper Cove. Overnight anchorage for cruisers is permitted with appropriate notification to TIDA. Full information may be found in the Clipper Cove Special-Use Area Rules and Regulations. Vessels and vessel operators must adhere to all Rules and Regulations at all times within Clipper Cove.

Short-Term Anchorage Permit (25 to 96 Hours)
Submit following information to TIDA via website or voicemail at 415-274-0382.

  • Vessel name & CF number;
  • Vessel owner name and on-board contact phone #;
  • Dates of entry to and exit from Clipper Cove

Following notification this Permit is considered issued unless boater is contacted by TIDA. Consecutive permits are not issued.

Long-Term Anchorage Permits (97 Hours to 21 Days)
Complete and submit a Long-Term Anchorage Permit Application and recieve a Long-Term Anchorage Permit. Hard-copy Permit must be kept onboard vessel at all times. Consecutive permits are not issued. Vessels shall not be allowed to anchor beyond 21 days without explicit TIDA approval, including verifiable proof of threat to life safety, threat to property safety, or unsafe weather conditions.

Marina Access, Guest Slips & Dinghy Dock
The Treasure Island Marina is managed by Almar Marina which is a separate organization from TIYC.
For slip reservations please contact the Marina Manager, Anthony Cirillo, at 415-981-2416 or email Almar offers slips (click here to see the Treasure Island Marina Docks) and a guest dock for a fee (or free to slip holders at another Almar marina). Almar customers may request a gate key (deposit requred) to exit and enter the marina, and use the marina shower facility. Treasure Island Marina offers a black water pumpout. There is no fuel available on Treasure Island.

A view of the future in Clipper Cove
Clipper Cove will be redesigned as part of the Treasure Island/Yerba Buena Island Redevelopment Project.

Clipper Cove Plan

TI / YBI Redevelopment

Approach via Public Transit from San Francisco
Treasure Island is accessible by the MUNI 25 bus line. (Aprox 9 minutes without traffic.)  The 25 line leaves from the temporary Transbay Terminal located at Howard and Beale Streets in downtown San Francisco.  There are bus stops at the Treasure Island Front Gate or California Avenue, Treasure Island. The cost is $2.25 one way. See the following link for SF MUNI schedule information –

Approach via Car from San Francisco
Treasure and Yerba Buena Islands are accessible via the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge/Interstate 80. Whether travelling from San Francisco or the Oakland/East Bay area, follow Interstate 80 onto the Bay Bridge and take the “Treasure Island/Yerba Buena Island” left-lane exit at the halfway point of the Bay Bridge span. If traveling from the East Bay, a toll is required to access the Bay Bridge. There are no gas stations located on-Island.

What’s Next?
Now that you know the way to Treasure Island, learn more about on-island activities by checking out our local links.


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