Treasure Island Yacht Club

One Avenue of The Palms, #133, Treasure Island, San Francisco 94130 (415) 434-4475

Bridge & Board

2021 Bridge Officers:
Commodore: Atta Pilram
Vice Commodore: Will Smith
Rear Commodore: Kirsten Ritchie
Immediate Past Commodore: Albert Pedrazza
Corporate Secretary: John Harrison (appointed)
Treasurer: Holly Zebzda (appointed)

2021 Board of Directors:
Dave Chenette
Mary Holden
Rich Holden
Malcolm Johnston

Steve Lane
Desmond Thorsson
Pete Van Putten
Sharon Yip 

2021 Appointed Officers & Delegates:
Recording Secretary: Mary Artist Holden
Membership Chair: Mary Artist Holden
JIBE Editor & Publisher: Jon Mohn
Webmaster: Dave Chenette / Russell Breed
PICYA Delegates: Reg & Debrenia Smith
Legal Officer: John Harrison
Principal Race Officer: Russell Breed

Cruise-in contact: Port Captain

Office Manager: Office

PICYA Delegates: Reggie & Debrenia Smith

Past Commodores: View our list of Past Commodores

New Members: Contact the Membership Committee.

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